Deciding Whether To Replace Or Repair Your Roof

When there is an issue with your roof, it can cost quite a lot to repair it. The key is knowing when it can be repaired and when it is time to buy an entirely new roof. Ask yourself the following question to determine whether you can have it fix or if it is time to start from scratch.

What is the condition of your roof? If there are minor leaking issues, but the roof is otherwise fine, you can probably have it repaired. This will be much less expensive than buying an entirely new roof. On the flip side, if your roof is riddled with holes and many of the shingles are loose and badly damaged, you should think about having it replaced.

How old is the roof of your home? Having one that has been on the home since a few decades ago is probably an indicator that you should start anew. Even if it looks okay, you will probably end up paying a lot more to have it fixed over and over again. Invest the money for an entire replacement since that will eliminate the need to constantly call contractors for help.

What material is your roof made of? This is a good question since it will determine if it really is necessary to get an entirely new roof. If your issue has been leakage, you may want to replace it with a material that is weatherproof. Why would you repair the roof only to have an issue the next time the weather is not at it’s best. Many older homes have had to have their roofs replaced recently due to the fact that there are now better materials being used.

How much money do you have available? Even if it is a good idea to replace your roof, this may not be the best financial decision for you at this time. Over time you will appreciate the investment, but you probably just don’t have the money right now. If that is the case, get the roof repaired, then start saving up right away for a new one.

Your answers to the questions above will help you determine whether you should fix your roof or forget about it and get a new one. The financial situation you are in will prove to play a huge part in this decision, but make sure to consider other factors as well.

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